Halfway to the Finish Line (Part 1)

Prior to surgery, my CA-125 was elevated to 165 and it was still relatively high afterwards (150), but Dr Gehrig reassured me that inflammation from surgery could raise things up. On October 24th, my levels had dropped significantly to 37.3 and were more in line with what she was expecting, but were still outside the range of normal.

Before they began my 3rd treatment on November 14th, they collected a blood sample to once again see how my CA-125 levels were responding to the chemo. According to Dr. Gehrig, she wanted to see my levels within the normal range (0-34.9) after my 3rd treatment and she wanted to see how we were doing on achieving that goal. Happily, the results were awesome and levels were found to be solidly in the normal range at 14.9!


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