Cabin Fever?

#TeamPamda – There’s a protocol in place should I spike a fever and last night it earned me a trip to the ER. Not to worry, I’m home now safe, sound, and resting comfortably! 

They took blood, urine, swabs, & chest x-ray to make sure I didn’t have an infection lurking anywhere and while we waited for results they pumped me full of antibiotics. Only one bit of excitement (other than the trip there and back over icy roads) was a reaction I had to the IV drip of vancomycin. It started with an itchy head and progressed to me looking like a tomato (a very itchy tomato) from the chest up.; not my best look. Some Benadryl helped me through the rest of the IV, and eventually it all cleared up once the IV was done.

Thankfully all of the tests came back negative and after a quick consultation with my gyn-onc doctors, it was determined I could go home to nurse my cold in peace…yeah, all that because I caught a cold. I felt like a nitwit, but was assured that they don’t like to risk it when we of the low neutrophil count feel puny and pop a fever.

On a fun note, it was entertaining having doctors proceed to explain microbial infections to the microbiologist. I then got to share some of my applied science adventures from my field research days…they were thrilled people came to them and not the other way around when I was done 😉

Don’t worry, I got this…

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