AMA | My Experience With Ovarian Cancer So Far

I’m traveling this week with family. When I told my family about my random encounter with my new found friend, George, at my neighborhood Target store, mom came to the same conclusion George did… recording my story would be easier for than trying to write it all up. After all, I’ve been telling it to everyone this past year who would stand still long enough for it to gush out of me.

What better time to do it than during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and the one year anniversary of my diagnosis?

Here’s my request to you, since I like the exchange I experience when telling my story face to face…

If you could ask me anything about ovarian cancer, anything at all, what would you ask?

No question is too hard; no topic is off limits. I’m no expert, but I will answer every question to the best of my ability. If I can’t, I will get the answer for you somehow, most likely via the team of medical professionals who helped me get through this first year.

Let’s hear it, #TeamPamda, what do you want to hear about most?

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