The Results Are In

Overall everything went great today. Dr. Gehrig was pleased with how everything looked, I was able to visit with some much beloved peeps, and CA-125 value just came back well below the normal limit.


So, YAY!, right?

Then why did I burst into tears when my nurse, Olivia, asked how I was doing?

GREAT QUESTION! I was equally curious as to what that was all about.

On the surface, it seems that, despite my efforts, my weight continues to rise a little more each time I weigh in. Now there are plenty of reasons it could appear that way and sweet nurse and wonderful brother were right there with all of them to help me regain myself. Still, it is extremely frustrating especially after all of the sacrifices I’ve been making to help things move in the right direction. They are setting me up with a nutritionist to make sure I am eating what I should and not replacing those former comfort foods with even worse, but cleverly disguised comfort foods… THAT is quite possible knowing me like I do.

But Dr. Gehrig dug even deeper and determined that I’ve reached another stage in my treatment and recovery… SURVIVORSHIP.


The more we talked the more I realized that this is the reason for the MEH feeling I’ve been experiencing lately. Well, this and a touch of the Pink Stink as Dr Gehrig termed it. Or, as I describe it, the desire to scream every time I see pink or hear how more needs to be done to bring awareness to breast cancer. #NotAllCancerIsPink


From the outside looking in, most people think coming to the end of treatment should be a time of joy and ease. However for many survivors when the routine of treatment ends it can be a time of mixed emotions – a time for celebration, yet also a time of more challenges. Many survivors often liken the transition to being cast adrift – they’re not sure what comes next and they feel lost about moving forward.

Thankfully, UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center is well equipped to help me, at least with the survivorship bit, I think I’m on my own to deal with the pink stink issue. They offer survivorship care plans, survivorship clinic visits, and cancer transitions classes/workshops. I was sent home with all the information I need to get rolling down the road to *really* surviving 😉

So, yes. YAY!

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