On Resilience

resilience (1)

Pretty much common sense really, yet I know I am not alone in needing the reminder that in order to not only survive but thrive one needs to regularly rest and recharge. I have a tendency to push myself too far. While I have made serious improvement since a car accident in 2011 forced me to slow down or else I fell down, on occasion I can still overdo it. I got fairly close to that line yesterday as pointed out to me by my friend, Lindsey, when I posted a picture of her rock star daughter Avalon with caption saying “Foster visited Foster”. Those are the kind of goofs I make when brain power is starting to bottom out, so I shouldn’t have been surprised this morning when I rolled over and realized it was 1:30 PM. Thankfully the four-legged crew was kind enough to let me sleep. Fergus even took some convincing to wake up himself. It isn’t like I slept a ridiculously long time though. I’ve been dealing with some insomnia issues lately which combined with the long day yesterday resulted in some difficulty waking up.

On the Bright Side |  it was that insomnia that led to me finding the most inexplicable Facebook live video of a woman in Alabama hosting a “pearl party” and salty as hell at her videos jump in viewership from 100 to 1000s; many of whom, like me, were left clueless as to what exactly it was they were watching.

I felt some guilt for sleeping so late, but after checking out my sleep history on Fitbit I realized I needed that sleep pretty badly. It’s been a pretty quiet day here full of knitting, dog walking, and some work related tasks. A nice lead in to the weekend.


Today’s Highlight | Our neighborhood rock star, Avalon, came home from the hospital this evening! I am seriously impressed by the progress she has made since her surgery on Monday. I know her cats, Andy and Jacks, are happy to have her home and the neighborhood kids have probably already started ringing the doorbell. She still has quite the road ahead of her, but I’m looking forward to some crafting time with her while she recuperates.

It’s no big secret that I enjoy knitting, buy what kinds of crafting do you enjoy when you are couch bound recovering?

no worries, I got this

❤ P


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